Deviantart is getting annoying.

Anyone tried to access the site yet cause I never get to access it for the past 3 days and this is annoying me to hell.

How am I supposed to get messages/comments now?!

Dammit, emperoralmondsdevorer.

Sorry for not posting anything recently. And sorry for holding this up for a long time, emperorsalmondevourer!

With that, let’s do this!

1. What time were you born? 

I believe it was sometime in early morning.

2. What makes you really happy?

Being thanked.

3. Write about any childhood memory you remember.

Playing games on my PSX. I swear, it was the best part of my life escaping from reality a bit. 

4. Favourite fandom you’ll never let go of? 

Now that I think about it…the Saiyuki fandom. It is the first (undubbed) anime I watched after all.

5. Your favourite mythological god or goddess?

Other than my current religion’s god, it’s Chronos, the time lord~!

6. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Birds. Why not?

7. Favourite song / musical piece? 

City of Flickering Destruction - Yoko Shimomura

8. Something you’ll never joke about?

Anything about birth defects. Mentally or otherwise.

9. What’s your perfect pizza?

Gourmet Smoked Salmon, Scallops & Prawns! :D

10. Why are you so amazing??????? 

Because I am? *coughs*

11. How would you like to die? 

Peacefully! (Bonus points if it’s on a sea of flowers.)

Here’s my 11 questions!:

1. What is the first ever anime you watched?

2. Cake or Pie?

3. Favorite day of the week?

4. What magic powers would you like to have?

5. Favorite ice cream?

6. Your ideal spouse?

7. Favorite voice actor (game or anime)

8. Favorite artist?

9. Which fandom would you live in?

10. Favorite type of music?

11. Fill up the blank: I want a _______ for my birthday!

Alrighty then….I summon:





…and the other 7 would be you you you.

10 signs you may be addicted to Dark Souls

1) You mentally think of drinking Estus while drinking water. (bonus points if it’s Orange Juice)

2) You don’t trust anyone in MMORPGs anymore in fear that they’ll backstab you.

3) Yet, you’ll happily engage in jolly cooperation if you find someone trustworthy.

4) Sitting on a bonfire somehow makes you feel calm and rejuvenated inside. 

5) You sometimes feel like losing your humanity after not playing the game for long hours. 

6) You could hardly ever trust anyone bald in other games. Especially if his name almost sound like “Patches”.

7) You developed tolerance to artificial difficulty dying in games.

8) Buying the game more than once (because why not?)

9) You suddenly have an attraction with people in armor.


Feel free to add more. :)

P.S: The game is hard yet fair and there’s no “artificial difficulty” btw. XD